Craddockstown is a relatively young golf club and it adheres to and seeks to uphold golfing tradition.  While fashion’s ever evolving and sometimes repeating styles come and go, Craddockstown aspires to hold with the golfing tradition in its dress code and follows the guidelines outlined by the golf governing bodies in Ireland, the GUI & the ILGU, in relation to dress code requirements.

Most sports adhere to a dress code and golf is no different.  A dress code enhances the sporting experience and the game of golf is no different.  Our Dress Code is simple;

On the course and practice facilities

  • Golf apparel and clothing available to purchase from professional golf retail stores is considered acceptable.
  • If shorts are worn they should be of the tailored variety only. (cargo or sports shorts are not deemed to be golfing attire)
  • Mobile phones, if carried, should be switched off and only used for emergencies.

In the Clubhouse we ask that members and visitors alike adopt a “Smart Casual ” dress code.

  • Respectable denim is acceptable provided it is not torn, cut or frayed.
  • Track suits or leisure suits are not acceptable.
  • Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times in the Clubhouse.
  • Golf Shoes should not be worn in the Clubhouse, other than in the lower ground changing areas and on the viewing balconies.
  • It is requested that mobile phones are switched to silent or vibration mode and are only used in the Lobby area or outside of the Clubhouse.

An infographic showing Acceptable/Unacceptable forms of dress for course and practice facilities at CGC is available here and also is displayed strategically within the club environs.