Celebrating 2018

2018 Captain Fergus GreaneyIt is a great honour for us to have been elected Captain and Lady Captain for 2018. Craddockstown has developed as 2018 Lady Captain Laura Laheen a club and course through the hard work and love by its founding members and those who followed in their footsteps since 1991.

Every club develops its own ethos, ambience and style and Craddockstown has developed its own unique blend that makes it the club that we as members wish to be part of today.

It’s appropriate to reflect on the past so that we appreciate the founder members’ efforts and the constant changes implemented since inception by both members and staff. While still a young club, it compares favourably with longer established clubs, has a bright future and will be confidently managed to face a different set of challenges as the game of golf evolves in the years and decades ahead.

Enjoy Your Golf,

Captain,Fergus Greaney                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Lady Captain,Laura Laheen